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These links will take you to sites with related subject matter.

Hawaii'n Remote Viewing Guild
The home site of the Hawaii'n Remote Viewing Guild where a thriving bulletin board and excellent online newsletter can be found.

The Alientalk site
For intellectual discussion on the extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Superpowers of the human biomind
Despite it's strange sounding title this is the home site of the person considered to be the Father of remote viewing - Ingo Swann. Contains useful database of RV related material.

The supernatural world
An excellent collection of supernatural, spiritual and unexplained phenomena

The Rhine Research Center
J.Rhine was one of the original parapsychologists in the Western world. This is his center for PSI research.

Consciousness Research Laboratory
A highly regarded parapsychology lab where they also participated in ESP tests. Many remote viewing experiments were replicated here.

The X-Project magazine
Home of the excellent x-project magazine, an e-zine devoted to all things paranormal. Well presented material.

Psi Explorer
This site has an unusual CD-Rom. It is an interactive introduction and tour of the psychic world. It has remote viewing information and other experiments from parapsychology presented in a multimedia format. Well produced and factual.

Smartgroups public RV discussion board
As the title suggests, it's a public forum for discussing all things RV related. Join the group and find out what's topical.

Paraseek Search Engine
This is a very good search engine that searches specifically for topics of a paranormal nature.

Explore Parapsychology
This is a wonderful and unusual site devoted to parapsychology and has some great ESP tests along with a javscripted ESP and psychokinesis trainer to help bring out or improve one's ESP/psychic ability. Its hosted by Michael Daniels, Phd, a senior psychology lecturer. Well worth a visit.

Mystery Magazine
A great on-line magazine devoted to all things paranormal. Definitely worth a visit.

World of the strange
World of the strange is a paranormal on-line magazine that has a mailing list, discussion forum and some neat downloads.

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