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A Possible Discovery Regarding ESP

A mysterious correlation has now been found between the "effect size" in 2500 laboratory ESP experiments and sidereal time ( sidereal time is a way of measuring time in astronomy as opposed to local time on Earth). If it holds up, this could turn into a key discovery in the controversial field of claimed human psychic abilities. James Spottiswoode of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory in Palo Alto ( a famous parapsychology lab where previous RV experiments had been performed with very good results), California reports on this in the current issue (Vol. 11, No.2) of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a scholarly journal which publishes scientific investigations of topics that lie on the borders of mainstream science (i.e psychic studies). Among researchers a more pedantic name for ESP is anomalous cognition. Thousands of laboratory experiments have measured "something" but whatever it is, anomalous cognition apparently does not decrease with distance like a respectable force should, such as gravity. And some anomalous cognition even appears to be precognitive, picking up information about the future. If polls are to be believed, tens of millions of people have experienced a significant precognition event at least once. Is there any variable that influences anomalous cognition? Spottiswoode, a trained physicist, took an empirical approach. Rather than worry about what the experiments were measuring, he merely examined whether there was any significant correlation. He gathered data on 1468 published ESP trials, and to his surprise found that, whatever the effect being measured was, it more than tripled when the local sidereal time (LST) was near 13:30. Could it be a fluke? Spottiswoode went back to the drawing board: he tested his finding by collecting another 1015 trials from different experiments, i. e. a validation set. The peak of his validation set occurred at the same time. Putting the two together, the data seem to tell us that anomalous cognition is more than four times as effective in a rather narrow window that rises and falls near 13:30 LST. If there happens to be a coincidental correlation between the Dow Jones index and the rainfall in Calcutta no scientist is going to take this seriously. But, as with Jansky's discovery, a correlation involving sidereal time is not so easily dismissed. "If I had found a 24-hour correlation, I would chalk it up to circadian rhythms or office hours," says Spottiswoode. "But I've checked my data carefully and those kinds of effects could not mimic the sidereal correlation I found. Don't ask me what it is, but it's real." "This article makes such a potentially significant claim that we had it refereed by two experienced professors, a statistician and an astronomer," reports the editor of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, Dr. Bernhard Haisch, who is himself an astronomer. "Even though they have no idea how this could be real they found the study worthy of publication." The Cognitive Science Laboratory in Palo Alto, California is a descendant of the 24-year long government-sponsored remote viewing program that ended in 1995. (For five reports on that formerly classified program, see Vol. 10, No. 1 of the Journal of Scientific Exploration.)

What does all this mean in general terms. Well basically it means this. Extra sensory perception in human beings increases by 300-400% at 13:30 local sidereal time. In the United Kingdom local sidereal time is approx 1800 hours Greenwich Meantime. If you are a remote viewer or about to train as one or involved in ESP research at all you may well need to use this time period wisely. In the 1995 documentary, The Real X-files, Major General Edmund R.Thompson states that he definetley knew that remote viewing worked but they needed a way to make it work more accurately. There is now a way to make RV results just a little bit more conclusive than they were previously. Of course a trained RV'er should be able to sit down and access a target at anytime but use of this discovery increases the chances of making target acquisition and returning optimal results. A unique finding indeed. To work out Local Sidereal Time in the United States I have included a link which takes you to the U.S Navy's site on how to compute Local Sidereal Time for your own particular region or country. You have to enter the longtitude and latitude coordinates of your area which a local map should be able to tell you.

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