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Remote Viewers: The secret history of America's psychic spies - Jim Schnabel.

A general history and overview of the military development of RV. It also discusses other forms of military funded psychic research. The number one recommended read for people new to RV.

Click here to order-- Remote Viewers: Secret history of America's psychic spies.

The Ultimate Time Machine - Joe McMoneagle.

Writings on future remote viewing possibilities and some myths and misconceptions of RV explained.

Click here to order-- The Ultimate Time Machine

Cosmic Voyage - Dr Courtney Brown.

Considered a controversial book on its release. It specifically deals with the extraterrestrial phenomenon and RV. However it remains a thought provoking and stimulating read albeit incredible at times.

Click here to order-- Cosmic Voyage.

Cosmic Explorers: RV, ETs and a message for mankind - Dr Courtney Brown

The new RV book by Dr Brown. This will appeal to you if you enjoyed "Cosmic Voyage". In this volume Dr Brown details more RV'ing of extraterrestrial races and discusses their possible agenda.

Click here to order-- Cosmic Explorers.

The Conscious Universe - Dean Radin PhD.

A superb book detailing all the scientific evidence to date that clearly show 'psychic' functioning does exist. Very exciting and not before its time.

Click here to order-- The Conscious Universe.

The psychic Battlefield - W.Adam Mandelbaum.

An excellent book packed with info, worth reading just for the Kress report, this was the C.I.A's report as to the true effectiveness of the RV programme. The author, W.Adam Mandelbaum, is an attorney, psychic and former intelligence officer.

Click here to order-- The Psychic Battlefield.

Multidimensional mind - Dr Jean Millay Ph.D.

Dr Jean's excellent and well researched book full of evidence-based ESP and paraconscious studies. Concentrates mostly on remote viewing though.

Click here to order-- Multidimensional mind

Mind Trek: Exploring consciousness, time and space through remote viewing - Joe McMoneagle.

A treatise on RV by a former military remote viewer who was considered to be one of the best they ever had.

Click here to order-- Mind Trek: Exploring consciouness, time and space with RV.

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