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Lee James Heather is the host and webmaster of this site. His background is actually in the health sciences and he has had a career in emergency nursing as well as being trained in acupuncture. His interest in the healing arts and complementary therapies remains. Lee has also trained in neuro - linguistic programming, a type of applied psychology, and teaches this subject at Adult Education in London, England. Today Lee is a self-employed internet developer and trainer.

For the last decade Lee has kept a close eye on psychic development and research as he subscribes to the Journal of Parapsychology. When Dr Courtney Brown, Professor of Political and Social Science at Emory university, Atlanta, Georgia who had been trained by a Military viewer/analyst decided it was unethical to keep this information from the public. Dr Brown literally threw the doors open and let the civilian sector learn this skill for the very first time. Lee left these shores in 1996 to learn remote viewing with Dr.Courtney Brown at The Farsight Institute in America. Lee believes remote viewing is a skill that most people can learn given that they are open to believe in ESP functioning and are willing to commit to a fair amount of practice. It cannot be done in a few weeks and it is something that improves throughout your life rather than something that is taught and then one thinks "OK, so now i'm a remote viewer". Reality is much different. It's a bit like gaining a black belt in martial arts. One does not gain a 1st Dan and believe they are a master, continued practice is necessary even after this stage has been reached.

Remote viewing is not actually "paranormal" at all, rather it is a perfectly natural extension of our intuitive processes and has always been there. It is first and foremost an information collection method and utilizes the sub-conscious to gather data on a target that is normally shielded by distance, space and time.

Lee has also trained with a group of remote viewers in Hawaii led by a former military operative. Despite residing in England Lee is an associate member of this group, the Hawaii'n Remote Viewers Guild, and maintains an active role as a remote viewer for the Guilds own projects.

In 1998 Lee appeared on the cable television paranormal series "The Y Files" to discuss remote viewing. This year Lee has been consulting for as well as appearing in a documentary entitled "Remote viewer" for Film & Video Umbrella Ltd in London. All the images on this page are from the documentary, courtesy of Film and Video Umbrella.

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