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The CIA immediately tested the new remote viewing technique and it seemed to show much promise in detailing information that was otherwise shielded from thier eye-in-the-sky spy satellites or agents on the ground. Although the project went 'black budget' and had to be initially hidden from Congress they soon started a small in-house training and development programme. Soon other human subjects that showed remote viewing potential were selected and used operationally. Ingo Swann meanwhile was tasked the job of developing a method that would assist others who were perhaps not naturally "psychic" to attain similar results to the people who were. After some time he did in fact develop a method which he claimed anyone could learn as he believed that everyone had latent ESP potential inside them. His new method he was to call 'Coordinate Remote Viewing' because a person who was viewing had a random number or coordinate assigned to a target they were to view instead of simply lying back and performing the task freeform or going into an altered state of mind. The numbers became an address for the target( which were completely unknown to the viewer)and were called out prior to making contact with the target area. In fact it was later found that numbers weren't needed at all, however most of todays training schools still use numbers or even letters for beginning students.

Ingo Swann developed a way of using ideograms which were approximately 5-6 basic shapes drawn very quickly and would allow a viewer to attain fast target acquisition without conscious mind involvement, in fact if the conscious mind intervenes in the process then the findings and data gathered from the RV session will be heavily contaminated which is the reverse of what is required.. A session has to be set up so that minimal imagination or conscious mind involvement takes place. The object is to let a viewers sub-conscious mind solve the problem. With practice and persistence most people who train in Remote Viewing do find that information that they could not detect by other means or that was not previously known to them manifests itself during a session in pictures, feelings or words which are recorded and drawn on (usually) white A4 paper. A session which can last from 45 minutes to 1 hour is very often monitored by a second person who may know only the coordinates of the target (but not its name) and will guide the viewer (but not lead the viewer) to areas of interest in and around the target location. This is said to be viewing in double blind conditions in order to minimize the viewer or monitor from any prior or present knowledge of the target. However for training purposes the monitor may know upfront the name or location of the target in order to best facilitate the learning process. An experienced Remote Viewer would generally partake in a session that was done under double-blind conditions.

In short then RV has now become a set of protocols or procedures that allows an individuals sub-conscious mind to communicate back to them. Through this process we allow our deepest intuitive abilities to be systematically and accurately transcribed onto paper in order for them to be observed and analysed.

Practical applications of Remote Viewing

The practical applications in the modern world for remote viewing are firstly to increase our understanding of ourselves and our universe. In creating remote viewing protocols the U.S Intelligence Agencies also allowed a great spiritual tool to be born. To my mind this is one of the greatest benefits it has to offer and heightened intuition is a very positive by-product of the training.. However the protocols can be used to gather information regarding a persons health, perhaps where conventional medicine is failing in terms of not having a definite diagnosis, this is where RV can be an adjunctive tool in pinpointing an exact cause of ill-health. There are numerous opportunities in industry and business if one is prepared to use the techniques ethically and remote viewing may also become more popular with criminologists and police forces as it enters mainstream scientific circles in the near future.

In order to understand the RV process and how it is recorded on paper and to understand what ideograms are and how they are drawn please go to the examples page where students that we have trained have presented some of their best examples. The students had absolutely no prior knowledge of the target and are only given a number initially. They did of course suffer slight frustration in their initial attempts at remote viewing but with practise results can be obtained by the majority of people. If you are interestd in training please go to the tuition section and a complete breakdown of a remote viewing course is presented with details of what to expect from the programme.

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