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Welcome to the instruction section.

Who can become a remote viewier?. There is no longer any question that it can be acquired, as evidenced by not only SRI and Princeton Engineering Abnormalities Lab, but by independent researchers. What type of person though can acquire these skills.

There has been extensive research to show that left handed people usually make better remote viewers than right hand dominated people (because there is increased inter hemispheric flow/coordination). Artists and other creative types also perform better than most. However a lady called Gertrude Schmeidler discovered somethong very relevant to any type of ESP training. This researcher found that any random member of the population when asked to guess the suite of a playing card before it was presented usually obtained two out of ten in guesses which is what you would expect by chance alone. However what was significant is that people who believed in ESP functioning did better than chance during these tests. Even more significant was the fact that people who did not believe in ESP actually did worse than chance. It was alomost as if they sabotaged there own guessing attempts sub-consciously. We can say with some accuracy that this research shows quite conclusively that being open to believe in ESP experiences improves your chances considerably of achieving success with remote viewing. It is evident that no special kind of person, no special 'gift' is required, merely the intention to learn to use the natural skills we already possess.

What reasons do people have for taking part in these programmes?
There are a variety of reasons, of course: it presents a challenge... or because it puts you in a class of people who do something beyond the ordinary - something that takes skill and self-mastery. Some people simply want to increase spiritual awareness and partake in some form of personal development. Other civilian applications have included:

  • enigma penetration
  • general information solutions
  • concept testing
  • key event analysis
  • law enforcement assistance
  • medical/health diagnostics
  • loss detection
The need for this type of training has presented SecondSight Technologies with a unique challenge. We know that there are geographical areas that do not have access to this type of training. Even in areas that do have access the high cost of some of the courses on offer (often 3000-4000 dollars) can prohibit others from participating. Therefore we have put together an affordable (sterling £59.99, approx US$90, approx AUS$150) on-line course that allows anyone with internet access to learn the GENUINE skills of coordinate remote viewing.

On this course you will learn:

  • how to execute ideograms which allows a viewer to quickly ascertain a targets general aspects.
  • how to decipher textures, colours, temperatures, smells and sounds at a target.
  • how to record and sketch visual elements of the target site.
  • how to construct a "matrix" protocol in order to gain more specifically defined information from the target.
  • how to conduct remote viewing sessions solo.
  • how to deeply relax and enter the theta brainwave state at will.

The benefits and effects of this course will be:

  • the ability to utilize you intuition with incresed finesse.
  • a greater awareness of one's true potential.
  • accelerated personal development.
  • the opening up of the sub-conscious.
  • the mastery of a useful and practical set of unusual skills.
In addition to the main co-ordinate remote viewing course you will also have FREE access to two other courses that involve different methodologies.

Theta remote viewing
The Russians used these methods in their own style of RV and we have included an educational article about this very topic. This is a safe and stress free methodology for reducing your brainwave state to a place where remote viewing can take place spontaneously.

Precognitive remote viewing
This is a course that can be used to become aware of the "future now" thus the name precognitive remote viewing

There are two ways to register:

If you have any questions concerning the programme or remote viewing training in general please feel free to contact us.

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remote viewing training
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