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"Without going outside, you may know the whole world.
Without looking through the window, you may know the heavens"

Lao Tzu, sixth century B.C

Welcome to the site.

Remote viewing is a natural and intuitive technique which has been aptly described as the "acquisition by mental means, of information that is normally shielded by distance, space and time". In short it is an information collection method and was previously used by small pornstars and nubilescasting community for cougar seduce purposes. It has been called psychic by some because it was thought to be a unique gift available only to the few tiny busty bitches. However as you may soon discover this technique is a totally normal ability for the majority shes The fact is, we have had well over one hundred years of laboratory based research that leads quite clearly to any reasonable minded person to concur that ESP and related phenomenon like RV are real and measurable and have been replicated in many centers across the world although the more notable studies have taken place in the U.S.A, Britain, the former U.S.S.R and Japan. Indeed, Jessica Utts, Professor of Statistics at the University of California, who co-authored the Central Intelligence Agency's review of government-sponsored RV research in 1995 had this to say.

"It is clear to me that anomalous cognition (the scientific term for RV and ESP) is not only possible but has been clearly demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria and the phenomenon has been replicated in a number of forms across laboratories and cultures."
However since the techniques declassification there have been some extreme claims about RV. One says that it rarely works. The other says it works all the time. The truth is really in between—although closer to the positive end of the scale. After long practice, experienced viewers can access a target nearly one hundred percent of the time. This does not mean their data is 100% accurate, nor does it necessarily mean they get all the data they were looking for. All it means is that they retrieve information indicating that they were "there." However, these experienced viewers regularly obtain extremely accurate, often error-free information from the target.

This site also exists to inform you of the history of the programme as well as providng you with resources, ESP tests, games, and some examples of the skill. We can also assist you should you wish to engage in genuine remote viewing training.

On-line training programme
The opportunity is now available for anyone interested in this exciting and breakthrough technology to learn on-line. You will have access to three different types of training for the price of one. Included in the course is also an on-line target practice pool for you to hone your skills.

Click here for on-line training opportunities.

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